Thursday, March 15, 2007


This one is for Lucy who posted a comment on Goatfood, saying that she'd been here and was overjoyed to discover that she wasn't the only Pink Floyd fan in the world - who was prepared to own up to the fact! Well, rest assured, there's a few of us about!

In my record (yes - vinyl!), tape and CD collection I have most of their output although I'm not that keen on the very early (Syd Barret - sadly RIP) stuff. I have seen them once, at the last ever performance of 'The Wall' at Earls Court.

So to the title of this post.

For a long time in the 60's and 70's I was totally devoted to folk music (see 'Poem' and 'Totty'). I was considered to be a half-decent guitarist/singer and was out playing 4-5 nights a week, mostly for beer and expenses, sometimes for money. Early on I had the chance to go pro but turned down as I had a pregnant wife (who left me 2 years later - but that's another story!) and a proper job etc. It began to dawn on me that it had little future and I was starting to tire of the whole business when I went back to someone's house after a gig. This music was playing in the background which drew me - it was 'Wish You Were Here' and that was that - it really was a revelation. The guitar went under the bed, not to be played for about 5 years and I threw myself into catching up on all the music I had missed.

30 years on I'm back on the scene this time as a guitar tech/roadie for a 'proper' musician and his various bands and as a stage tech with a sound engineer mate. I miss performing but I'm glad I'm out of it - which in a way was due to The Floyd.

So....Come back Lucy, whoever and wherever you are and tell me your story......