Sunday, December 10, 2006


No not the Somerset Maugham story/play, just the weather.

It's all getting rather tiresome. I have two active, healthy teenage sons who create vast amounts of washing in no time at all. Being (or at least attempting to be) a moderately 'green' person (you wouldn't believe the time I spend organising my recycling) I chose not to get a washer/drier - instead I rely on a clothesline and an airier over the Rayburn. Also I hate ironing and a good, dry, windy day takes care of most of the creases - but this bloody weather is just awful. For god's sake it's like April - sun, shower, wind, shower and then RAIN. I'm getting quite paranoid about it. When it's fine and dry in the morning I feel quite guilty putting washing on, knowing quite well that it will cloud over and start to rain the moment I leave the house having put the washing on the line.
Yes it's all MY fault - sorry about that. I'm pretty certain that the tornado in London wasn't down to me - I can't be THAT important to Murphy, surely....
To add insult to injury - having been extraordinarily busy of late, I found myself with a 'day off' today - wow, what to do! - I quite fancied going to see a Rory Gallagher tribute band called 'Sinnerboy' who are playing (as I write) in Poole - 120 miles away. I was up for the drive - no problem to me - I'm used to that what with all the gigging I do - but the weather is diabolical and I just can't face a 2 1/2 hour drive in gales of wind and driving rain. So no gig. I feel deflated and pissed off.
It's December, for Christ's sake. At least, when I was young, it had the decency to snow - you knew where you were with that!
It must be global warming, caused by all those washer/driers!!!

There, I feel better now, even if I must be the saddest person in Devon.....



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