Sunday, November 12, 2006


Alcohol is all things to all people, innit?
Richard likes 'proper' beer or 'foaming ale' as he calls it, my lad, Jak, who becomes officially adult in 5 days, isn't that fussy as long as he gets off on it and it's cheap (were we like that at that age - I suspect so!) me, I like gin and tonic , (of course) that fine combination of C2H5 OH , jiniper berries and quinine. With a bit of luck I'll never get malaria - just liver failure!
Why this ?
Today I fitted 12 roller blinds into a rich person's holiday flat in a 'New Luxury Development'.
I live in a 'Holiday Area' where these things abound. Wealthy people come here and buy these place for fortunes, thus putting the price of dwellings way beyond the expectation of 'ordinary' local people. I could 'go on' but what's the point?
Anyway, 5 hrs on, I hit the shop, looking for 'dinner inspiration' for my boys - I'm a single parent (sort of) I'll explain sometime later.....and ......there it was .....'special offer'..... 2l of Gordons gin for £25 - COR!!... so if this is starting not to make sense I'm sure you'll understand.....


Blogger Tennessee Jed said...

I think you and I have much in common friend across the pond. I am and I will bet in a similar parenting situation.

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